Chakra Hatha Yoga + Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation

Chakra focused Hatha Yoga practice with Sound Bath Savasana

hosted by Shaun Tudor

Come share space and experience in an amazing place through a deeply connecting practice! Chakra hatha yoga is a common yoga sequence involving breath work, meditation, salutations, balancing asymmetry, twists and restorative poses. Specific poses throughout the practice will breathe through the seven major energy centers, or chakras, allowing for unbiased inner observation of energy balancing within. Each practice is unique to the energy of its participants and space shared, with intention setting and guided meditation being a common thread. Radical self acceptance and appreciation is omnipresent, deriving love for yourself just as you are and feel, without criticism or limiting belief, is highly encouraged!

Sundays @ 5pm: 75 minute chakra focused yoga practice with 25 minute crystal singing bowl sound bath meditation.

Sundays @ 7pm: 60 minute singing bowl sound bath meditation.

No Experience required!

Please bring your own mat and props.


Contact Shaun with questions or to RSVP: